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Cosmetic Dentistry Services for Patients in the Augusta, GA Area

When you look at your smile in the mirror, are you satisfied with what you see? For far too many people the answer to that question is no. Holding back or covering up your smile can negatively impact not only your confidence and emotional health, but potentially your social and professional opportunities as well. Whether it’s crooked, chipped, or yellow teeth, anything that keeps you from feeling confident in your smile can be improved with cosmetic dentistry services from Shores Dental Center. We provide teeth whitening, dental implants, and more to patients in the Augusta, GA area.

Versatile Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

We like to start the process of your smile makeover with a thorough dental examination. It is important to make sure your cosmetic problems do not stem from any underlying dental disease. Equally essential is your communication with us, because we need to learn what it is that you don’t like about your current smile compared to how you imagine it looking. Bringing in pictures of smiles that you do like may even help to give us a clear idea of what you’re aiming for.

Options for cosmetic dentistry have improved over the years. Our patients can have brighter, straighter teeth in less time than years before. If your teeth are stained, chipped, crooked, or otherwise unattractive, talk to Dr. Shores about the newest cosmetic dentistry techniques. In many cases, one or two visits is all it takes to close gaps, remove stains, repair chips, and totally redesign your smile. For issues with tooth color, size, or shape, dental veneers are a great solution that can last for many years. Dental veneers bond a thin porcelain shell to the front of your teeth, which masks stains and other imperfections. Other common cosmetic dentistry procedures include crowns and bridgework, inlays and onlays, orthodontics, fillings, and removable dentures.

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