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Welcome to Shores Dental Spa!
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Cosmetic Dentistry
Facial Aesthetics & Spa Treatment
Facial Aesthetics &
Spa Treatment
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Meet Dr. Shores
Welcome to Shores Dental Spa with Dr. Tanya Shores! Come see us for all your Dental Needs, Facial Aesthetics and Spa Treatments.

Dental Office, Cosmetic Service and Spa Center in Augusta GA

We are so excited and proud to be the first and only Dental Spa in Augusta, GA.

Dr. Tanya Shores specializes in Dental Services and offers Esthetic and Spa Treatments as well. So, sit back, relax and let us take care of you. Dr. Shores is well trained and capable of providing all phases of your dental care needs. She provides Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for patients in the Augusta, GA area. Your health and well-being are her top priority. We strive to keep your smile beautiful, comfortable, and disease free by using the latest available in cosmetic, restorative and periodontal (gum) dental care treatments.

In addition to Dental Services, we offer Facial Esthetics and Spa Treatments for a true, full Makeover! Dr. Shores is a highly respected Faculty Member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. Her love for continuing education has honed her skills using injectable therapy for smile enhancement and total facial esthetics, as well as applying these agents for TMJ/orofacial pain trigger point treatment. She enjoys sharing her passion by helping to teach the art and science of facial esthetic enhancement.

We’re currently accepting new patients and invite you to call our dental office at 706-855-8818 to reserve your appointment or fill out our appointment request form. Our Augusta, GA office welcomes patients from North Augusta, Aiken, Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, Harlem and neighboring communities.

The procedures that Dr. Shores performs are the following:

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Smile Makeovers
Night Guards/Splints for bruxisim and TMJ disorders
Composite Fillings (tooth colored fillings)
Teeth Whitening
Dental Cleanings
Dental Implants
Facial Esthetics
Spa Treatments
Emergency Treatment
Esthetic & Spa Treatments
Endodontic treatments (root canals)
Periodontal treatments (for gum disease)
Custom-made sports guards

Cosmetic Dentistry

These days, Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming more important to patients. Dr. Tanya Shores understands your smile and is a perfectionist at what she does. She takes special care to ensure our patients’ smiles reflect their personalities and preferences. We use the latest technology and we offer several options, including composite fillings, dental implants, crowns, and teeth whitening. We can custom design a treatment plan that delivers the results you desire.

Emergency Treatments

For patients that have a dental emergency, we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible. We offer extended weekdays and select weekend hours. Our established patients can reach Dr. Shores after hours in the event of a dental emergency.

Esthetic Treatments

Esthetic treatments include Botox, Juvederm and Kybella, among many others. So why would a Dentist be providing esthetic treatments? Because Dentists have extensive training with the entire face, not just the mouth. Our advanced training has been in the oral and maxillofacial areas (that means the entire face, from neck to forehead). This means that we are as qualified if not more, than just about any other healthcare professional who is now allowed to deliver Botox and dermal fillers to patients. This not only enhances your facial features, but also can complete the look of Cosmetic Dentistry. Take for example a patient that has just finished getting Veneers or Crowns to improve their teeth but has an uneven lip line or “gummy smile” because their lips are way above the gumline when they smile. Botox can be an easy solution for this problem without giving your lips a puffier look. It’s truly amazing how well this procedure works to enhance and complete your beautiful new smile! Visit our Facial Esthetic page for more information.

TMJ Treatment

Did you know that we can treat TMJ with Botox?

Temporomandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. You have one joint on each side of your jaw. TMJ disorders – a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD – can cause pain in your jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. Many patients with TMD, complain of headaches and pain in the jaw area. Using Botox injections can relax this area eliminating discomfort. Since this a less invasive procedure, it allows patients to recover much quicker than traditional methods and go back to their daily routine. Dr. Shores is highly experienced in using Botox to relieve TMD.

Spa Treatments

When asked, most people say the first thing they notice about someone is their smile or eyes. Fortunately, Shores Dental Center & Spa offers just about anything you could imagine to make that amazing first impression! We offer Age Defying services that include Cheek Enhancement & Reduction of Smile Lines, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Facials, Micro Needling, Stem Cell Treatment, etc. And now you don’t have to be a celebrity to get the new “Vampire Facial”, because we are trained in that procedure as well. Who knew you could go to your Dentist and walk out looking like a more beautiful, healthy, and youthful looking YOU?